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How to Follow Train Etiquette and Manners?

Traveling by train can be a convenient and enjoyable experience. However, it is important to remember that you are sharing the space with other passengers. To ensure a pleasant journey for everyone, it is essential to follow train etiquette and manners. Here are some guidelines to help you navigate through your train ride with grace and consideration.

Be Punctual

Arriving on time is not only important for catching your train, but it also shows respect for your fellow passengers. Make sure to plan your journey in advance, allowing enough time for unforeseen delays. Rushing and causing disruptions as you try to find your seat can be bothersome to others.

Keep Your Belongings Tidy

The limited space on a train means that it is crucial to keep your belongings organized and out of the way. Avoid spreading your items across the seat or taking up unnecessary space. Instead, keep your bags and personal items neatly stowed under your seat or in the overhead compartments.

Respect Personal Space

Respecting personal space is essential when traveling on a train. Avoid leaning or placing your feet on the seat in front of you, as this can invade the personal space of the passenger sitting there. Keep your legs and belongings within your designated area to ensure comfort for all.

Control Noise Levels

Trains can be noisy environments, but it is important to be mindful of the noise you create. Avoid speaking loudly on your phone or engaging in loud conversations that can disturb others. If you wish to listen to music or watch a video, use headphones and keep the volume at an appropriate level.

Offer Your Seat to Those in Need

One of the most important aspects of train etiquette is offering your seat to those who need it more than you do. This includes pregnant women, elderly passengers, individuals with disabilities, or anyone who appears to be in discomfort. Being aware of your surroundings and showing kindness can go a long way in creating a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

Keep Food and Drink Smells Minimal

While it is generally acceptable to bring food and drinks on a train, it is important to be considerate of others when doing so. Avoid bringing strong-smelling foods that may bother fellow passengers. If you do bring food, make sure to dispose of any wrappers or containers properly.

Be Mindful of Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene plays a significant role in train etiquette. It is important to maintain cleanliness and freshness during your journey. Avoid strong perfumes or body odors that may be unpleasant for others. If you need to cough or sneeze, use a tissue or your elbow to cover your mouth and nose.

Say “Thank You” and “Excuse Me”

Simple courtesies like saying “thank you” and “excuse me” can go a long way in maintaining a respectful environment on the train. If someone helps you with your luggage or holds a door open for you, express your gratitude. Similarly, if you need to pass by someone or reach for something, politely say “excuse me.”


Following train etiquette and manners is essential for a comfortable journey for both you and your fellow passengers. By being punctual, keeping your belongings tidy, respecting personal space, controlling noise levels, offering your seat, minimizing food and drink smells, practicing personal hygiene, and using polite language, you can ensure a pleasant and considerate train ride. Remember, small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness can greatly contribute to a positive experience for everyone involved.